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When drinking goes wrong

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Revengeofthenerds, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Revengeofthenerds

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    Feb 26, 2011
    we've all been there.

    Watching the game with some good friends and better beer turns into mixed drinks the beer caused you to make just a little bit too strong. Then some asshole breaks out the tequila for shots (the bottle with the little bug in the bottom) and next thing you know you wake up outside in your dog's bed with a tampon in your ear and a hairbrush up your ass.

    Hey, it happens.

    We just want the story.

    Focus: When has drinking gone wrong for you? Ever walked into a meeting the next day with a permanent marker dick on your forehead? Vodka made you make a baby during your bachelor party?

    Alt. Focus: 10 years ago it was pretty fucking obvious if someone was taking a picture or video of you at your worst: they were the asshole standing behind that that massive light (or flash). But now everyone can be a dick with the push of a button, and you're none the wiser until you're brought into HR and asked why there's pictures of you going around the office mooning the boss at the company X-mas party behind his back. Ever gotten into a bad situation because of these over-eager and over-sharing citizen journalists? Have any rules like no pictures after 10 pm?
  2. Juice

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Every year my team goes to a firm training event in Chicago around the middle of July. We take training seminars, but the week is essentially just a shit show of people getting drunk and partners throwing down their corporate cards and picking up the tabs for everyone. Every year I try and remind the younger ones of the crew that although everyone gets hammered for 4 nights straight, they should still remember that they are technically working and not to cross any boundaries with their behavior. I've seen groups from other cities not consider that advice. Some examples -

    -Last year a newer guy from New York got belligerently drunk and took a few swings at one of the managing directors who was telling him to chill out a bit. He was quickly fired.

    -A manager slept with one of the female associates on his team. I'm not sure what happened to him, but since the firm has a young demographic, there are very strict rules against doing that.

    -A couple managing directors cheated on their spouses with each other.

    Gossip that this thing spreads like wild fire. As for me, I try not to get too lit up. But one of the associates on my team who was a rich brat and didnt give a shit about the job tried to fight me. One of the other managers witnessed it and we made him go to bed. I didnt bother reporting it.
  3. toddamus

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    Oct 21, 2009
    Somewhere west of New York
    Maybe its one of those things thats just expected and my family and never said, but drinking heavily at any work function is strictly forbidden. We like to drink, we like to catch a healthy buzz, but at work events we just don't do it. Way too many stories out there and there's no need to be one. Better be in the background watching the action then be in the middle or the cause of it.

    I have kind of wondered about the people who become involved in these work stories. Part of them must want something like that to happen. I'd like to think its rare that a person goes to a work event and unknowingly gets ripped and ends up screwing an admin in a closet or picking a fight.

    Alt-Focus: I watch my social media, and am careful with what I put up and what my friends post of me. I don't like having any pictures up with alcohol or any pictures of me out at night. Too many risks and I'm not concerned with showing people how much fun I'm having and how awesome my life is. I do ask people to take down photos with me in them or at least untag me if they're unflattering.
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  4. Rush-O-Matic

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    Nov 11, 2009
    ^^ This should be when hotlinking goes wrong.

    Um, most of my college experience would fall into this category and it would fill up the thread. But, some of the highlights (lowlights?) would be:
    - trying to bribe a cop with $5 at a convenience store
    - getting arrested
    - falling off a bicycle in front of a school bus during morning rush hour
    - being called into the Dean's office with the threat of expulsion
    - leaving class to puke in the physics lab sink
    - falling over with my motorcycle in the faculty parking lot at 10:00 a.m.
    - missing a final exam
    None of those were the same day.