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The Florida Thread

Discussion in 'New Thread Suggestions' started by Crown Royal, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal
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    Just call me Topher

    Oct 31, 2009
    London, Ontario
    Florida: a state so insane that I think it deserves its own thread.

    Who really can argue that Florida isn't a state of one-of-a-kind fucked uppedness? It's hard not to in some way admire a state that has so much going for it: it contains most of the supporting cast of Cops, has Disney World, it's the oldest place in America yet constantly conjures up some sort of new fuckery on a daily basis that does nothing short of baffle mankind. I mean, even the board member on here that are from Florida give the general consensus that "this place is FUCKED." I'm sure Black Jesus, xrayvision and company can entertain us with MORE than an earful on this state.

    For fun, let's explore some recent Florida stories:

    This handsome devil dumped a bucket of his own piss on a home inspector:

    Prince Charming here fucked his pitbull in front of his neighbours:

    This is a bear from Florida:

    This is a woman from Florida:

    Focus: All things crazy from the Sunshine State. Try to out-Florida each other if you can.

    Alt-Focus: Personal Florida experiences. Whether you have lived or travelled there, what is your personal opinion on Florida and/or do you have any memorable stories yourself?