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The Eleventh Plague. (Book review)

Discussion in 'Pop Culture Board' started by Kittens_With_Mittens, Feb 25, 2017.


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  1. Kittens_With_Mittens

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    Should still be lurking

    Feb 22, 2017
    I guess I should start on a strong note. I really liked this book and Would over all give it a 85/100.

    If you don't want to read the whole fucking review I will give a short bullet point of the things I thought were neat.

    - Strong character development.
    - Really cool lore telling.
    - Very strong story start line.
    - Irony only A book could do.

    Okay? they gone yet? Cool. I hated that guy...

    I thought the start was powerful enough to draw interests but not too powerful that it leaves you disappointed. What the book did well was use wordplay and a simple story line to get rid of the climax and in its place have the whole book be in a state of medium and That's something I have never seen in a book so I was impressed.
    The idea and plot was cool too. (spoilers ahead... Kinda) To sum up everything, a Plague (Called the eleventh plague) had killed 9/10ths of the worlds population. Not a zombie thing though, Just like aids+the common cold kinda thing. Oddly enough it spread like Ebola and ended up killing its self from killing too many people. Irony. It had killed so many people that civilization its self had just.... Gone to fuckall. Skills like reading, writing and math had been pretty much burned (Literally). It starts off with an old man telling a young lad that reading is for the weak... While the young lad is reading. Thus the irony of a book telling you that reading is for pussy's. The book takes place around one hundred to tow hundred years after the sickness committed what was Effectively suicide, and the whole world is in disrepair and a pair of wonders (A father and his son.) and putting there now dead grandpa in a shallow grave. And if you don't have more then ten brain cells it was the same old man who said readings for idiots. After that they pack up and keep moving. The scavenge a mall or two. On there jerny they kill a guy or two (Just a normal day, Right?) and come across a camp and a mother fucking SCHOOL!! and that is where I will stop spoiling shit.
    I do need to take away points for is timing Its like being waterboarded by Molasses. sooo.... Slowww.....

    - Story telling 10/10
    - timing 3/10
    - Wordplay 5/10
    -irony 10/10

    Uhh.... I don't have a whole lot to say.