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the be all end all video game thread

Discussion in 'Pop Culture Board' started by hawt, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Oct 19, 2009
    I've finally got around to playing to Dark Souls 3. I haven't played either of the previous two games. I've gone back and forth on whether or not I really like this game, and I think I do, but I'm not sure I quite buy into the hype. First of all, every time I see this game mentioned people are talking about how it's one of the hardest games out there. Is it really though? I mean, this game would be hard if it wasn't for 3 major things that kind of negate that.

    1. The amount of opportunities you have to abuse the ever loving shit out of the bow is ridiculous. Seriously, every time I encounter a 'tough' enemy there is some spot where you can just shoot them and they can't hit you. They don't even try to do something about this. They just stand there flailing around helplessly waiting to die. I've fought something like 5 dragons, and these were supposed to be tough fights, but those fuckers don't even move while you just sit on your ass and shoot them.
    2. A few of the bosses in this game would be pretty hard. At least I think they would be, except the game lets you summon an NPC ally for every boss fight. Some of the NPCs I've summoned are so good they can kill the boss on their own. At a boss' best you can just beat the shit out of it while it has its back turned to you. Sometimes you can summon 2 or 3 NPCs for a boss fight, and at that point it's just silly. I've fought a few of the bosses solo, and they weren't that hard once you have their attack patterns down. At least those are actual fights though. With the NPCs every boss is a breeze. They should have limited it to one NPC (or zero) per boss fight and at least made it so they can't heal themselves.
    3. The AI in this game is really dumb. For example, during the road of sacrifices area you come upon 15 or so enemies all huddled together. This might have been a tough encounter, except they just fucking stand there while you walk around and head shot all of them. I don't expect AI to be able to react like a human player, but the 3 dudes next to you just got shot in the face and... nothing? Come on. I think developers can do a little better than that. In addition there are a lot of locations where an enemy will just refuse to come through a doorway or something like that for no reason. So you can just stand at the edge of the doorway and either shoot them, or swing at them after they swing.

    As far as dying goes, most of the time this game kills you it isn't because it's punishing you for mistake. To me, that's what difficulty is supposed to be about. Instead, it's just the game fucking you over in some really stupid way. One of the buttons suddenly won't work (and no, I'm not talking about an enemy staggering you). Your character won't roll, or won't sprint, or won't switch from the bow to his sword, or you'll hit attack and he'll take 2 seconds to acknowledge it. That's not difficulty. That's just random fuckery. There have been so many times too where an enemy can suddenly just hit me through 3 feet of stone for no discernible reason. I mean melee enemies, not some spell casting that would maybe make a little sense.

    As far as other aspects of the game, I really wish developers would stop doing this shit where your character is inexplicably blocked by a 2 inch high barrier. For fuck's sake, just put a goddamn fence there. That stuff really takes me out of the game, and this game does that nonstop. When it comes to stories in games I'm one of those players who really appreciates some effort being put into the narrative. It doesn't have to be anything super impressive, but I like it to be there. Of course, a game can be great without any story at all, but it's still nice to have. Dark Souls 3 barely has anything in this regard. I usually find myself chatting with characters between missions, but not so in this game. The dialogue very rarely changes anyway, and what little story the game does have seems like pure nonsense. It reminds me of Destiny in the sense that it's like someone came up with a concept they thought was really cool, and then immediately hit a brick wall, so instead of an ongoing narrative you end up with more and more vague bullshit to try to cover up the fact that there wasn't really any plan as to how everything is supposed to work.

    That said, the world setting is well done and the combat can be pretty fun at times. I think what I liked best about this game is the way it does the leveling. It's very incremental, and you can't really run into a situation where you do a few side missions, or farm an area for awhile, and then when you go back to the main story you suddenly find that all the enemies are now way too weak for your character. Leveling might help a little, but it's not a game changer, and I hope more games copy that model. I also liked that the equipment lay out was fairly simple and isn't cluttered with endless customization. I can really enjoy that in a game like Monster Hunter World, but you can get really sick of constantly having to update your character.

    Overall, I'd give Dark Souls 3 a 7/10. I don't regret buying it, but I'm not in love with it and I'm not rushing out to get the previous 2 games.