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Power to the Peeple

Discussion in 'New Thread Suggestions' started by Crown Royal, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal
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    Just call me Topher

    Oct 31, 2009
    London, Ontario
    There is a new App coming out soon called Peeple that has caused a huge controversy. It basically lets you rate a human being --ANY human being whether they want it or not--just like Yelp. It turns the entire planet into

    Call me skeptical, but how much of a disaster could this be? When you think about how the internet already has the ability to gang up on people this could be a whole new world of hurt. And if you don't believe the folks who founded this app know jackshit about social media, check out this glorious post from one of its founders who also obviously has a thing against unsolicited criticism:

    ...and they expect to keep this app under tight control? And they thought Ashley Madison made the shit hit the fan.

    Focus: Discuss "Peeple" and what you may expect if/when it does become available.