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Petty Revenge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Revengeofthenerds, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Revengeofthenerds

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    Feb 26, 2011
    Reddit has a cool thread going about "what's the most ultimate petty revenge?" A lot of that sounds more passive aggressive, so I'll go with both under one umbrella.

    My username comes from one of my favorite movies. The RoTN thing has a fun meaning for me..... I was a computer nerd basically through high school (and in some ways I still am). My parents love to tell the story about how I typed my ABCs on a keyboard when I was 18 months old. Yes, I was picked on when I growing up. Bullied was a common thing, whole nine yards. I was your typical nerd before being a nerd was considered cool. However, by the time senior year came around, I'd learned a little bit about redneck fun. Specifically, that gardening can be a tool for both good and evil.

    Unfortunately, since high school graduation was in summer, I wasn't around long enough to see the fallout of my senior prank. But according to my now sister-in-law who was still there, the various crops we planted on the football field were a pain in the ass to dig up, and the field never looked the same after that.

    Focus: Petty revenge. When did you reach your breaking point and finally decide to do something about it?

    Alt. Focus: What have you seen, or heard about, or had done to you (though I doubt anyone will cop to that last one)? What's the best revenge story you read about? Link to it if you can. Have any favorite youtube revenge video?
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  2. Juice

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    Oct 19, 2009
    In my last job we were partnered with another consulting firm, who was handling a different aspect of the project. We were doing due diligence for a merger with a smaller competitor and we had to submit one of our milestones for the project to the other firm so they could complete theirs. I was working with one of their team members who was the same level as me, but he liked to pretend he was a partner and acted like a dickhead accordingly. He would throw me under the bus, insinuate that my job should be double-checked and all sorts of other funny shit that I chalked up to his insecurity and the fact that his firm was a little less prestigious than mine (and he cared about such things).

    When the project neared completion, I submitted the work binder on our central server to him, unchecked-in. The second after I submitted it to him, I checked it in. He ran to his partner that I gave him the files unverified, when his partner questioned mine, my partner presented evidence that the files were checked in when I said they were. Funny part is, the binders sync with the server daily at 7pm, so by the time they went back to double check their package, it had already synced up with the correct verification stamps. I guess I got lucky that the partner never actually looked at his version of it, but whatever. He looked like an idiot, and was swapped out with another manager to work with me. He stayed on the project but did not have a front-facing role anymore.