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Oh boy, here they go again

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Juice, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Juice

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Will be traveling for work a lot this week so wont be around much, so Ill throw a few threads out there...

    All guys I was friends with in college married all the girls we were friends with, including myself. Overall there's probably about 5 couples with the rest of the group being single or in relationships with someone outside the group and whatnot. Now that were all settled down with kids on the horizon, we are getting in some last get-togethers as couples before our lives end forever, sorry, before we have kids. Anywho, a few weeks back one of the couples had a party at their house, for no other reason aside from just getting everyone together.

    So about half-way through the party they start fighting. And not just fighting, screaming and swearing at each other in front of everyone over absolutely nothing. And it seemed like it went on and on. Usually its mutual, but this time the husband was being a downright prick to her, but its also the other way around a lot of the time. And its happened many times in front of the group before. When it ended, people didnt stay much longer as the whole situation was a pretty big buzzkill.

    Focus: Who that couple or friend in your group of friends?
  2. JWags

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    Oct 21, 2009
    I was in a GORGEOUS wedding this weekend in Santa Barbara. Like just silly pretty and perfect. The couple are my really good friends and one of my former roommates. He moved to LA for grad school about 5 years ago and she followed about 3 years ago now. Before they left, they were THAT couple. Not knock down screaming fights, but WTF, out of nowhere, she would be crying and he'd be stone faced. Ive seen him wordlessly flick her off 6 inches from her face as she was trying to explain something, she would freak out over little things that he'd try to calm down to now avail, countless "fuck offs", it was bad. They still fight in similar fashion, but its far less frequent and they are way stronger of a couple. At one point during the reception, the maid of honor, who is another really good friend, came over and gave me a hug and said "we made it. I dont think either of us completely believed it would happen, but it did!"

    And funny enough, in their LA group of friends, there is a couple who is WAY worse. Older, (33 and 32), been married for 5-6 years, and its largely cause he is a drunken TERROR. They call his drunk alter ego Mongo. They fought twice over the weekend, at parties associated with the wedding, first cause he grabbed a girl's ass NEXT TO HIS WIFE, and at the wedding after party cause he told another girl, while in a 4 person conversation that also included his wife, "you have great tits. really you do." Given all of that, the fights are completely justified, but its still fucking ridiculous.