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Discussion in 'New Thread Suggestions' started by Crown Royal, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal
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    Just call me Topher

    Oct 31, 2009
    London, Ontario
    A long time ago in a message board far far away, we laughed at horrible and hilarious ink jobs. I have loved tattoos since I was a little kid (my parents detest them of course) but I think I love terrible ones even more. From a distance. It's not just poorly-drawn ink jobs, but ones that are just a catastrophically bad decision. Now some might see a tattoo and hate it, while the owner or perhaps others regard it as a divine piece of self-expressionism. Eye of the Beholder. With this collision of opinions, who can honestly judge?

    ...well, that would be us. WE can judge and rightfully make fun of these assholes:


    What. The. Fuck:

    Shegirl, you might hate me for this (it's not skyello, but possibly worse):

    Focus: Anything and everything in regards to bad tattoos.