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Idiot Board Rules of Engagement

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Nettdata, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Nettdata

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    Mr. Toast

    Feb 14, 2006
    Rules for the TiB:

    1. Don't be a troll.

    2. This is not an IM conversation. Do not use smilies, do make an effort to
    spell words correctly, and use standard English. We aren't grammar
    Nazis, but we do require some level of intelligence in the discourse.

    3. Before you start posting, lurk for awhile. Hang out, read a bit and
    figure out the customs and tone of the people. This place can be a lot
    of fun and pretty entertaining if you take the time to figure it out.
    If you just barge in and expect to do things your way, you probably
    won't be here long.

    4. Do your homework and use the search function to look for an answer
    before asking for advice or information. There is a strong chance the
    topic has already been covered once, if not multiple times.

    5. Don't spew bullshit platitudes and think you're 14 and you are deep.
    Say stuff that has meaning, with clarity. If you don't, then it better
    at least be funny. Humour trumps all. The only exception to this
    rule is the WDT (Weekly Drunk Thread). You can be retarded there,
    but you will also be mercilessly ridiculed as a result. Any other thread,
    use your brains and your words.

    6. An overly developed sense of entitlement around here will
    get you punished. Respect the board, respect your elders.
    Consider yourself on probation, and act accordingly.