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I never knew I needed that!

Discussion in 'New Thread Suggestions' started by Revengeofthenerds, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Revengeofthenerds

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    Feb 26, 2011
    TIME has released their list of 50 Best Inventions of 2018.

    I know a few people who will be getting the grypmat for xmas.

    I mean, the video sells itself:

    The new roomba also makes the list. We got ours a few years ago, when my wife asked for one for her push gift (apparently what you give women after they give birth). I thought it was crazy and unnecessary at first, but it it broke today I'd get us a new one tomorrow. That thing is the greatest invention I've ever seen and it is a godsend to have around the house.

    Focus: Discuss the list. What inventions do you love? What inventions should have made the list?

    Alt. Focus: What product did you not know you needed until someone invented it? Or alternatively, what invention do you think was over-hyped? Not a fan of the Segway giving every mall cop and even bigger excuse to no lose weight?
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