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Dexter Season 5

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by hbax, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. shauncorleone

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    Dec 12, 2009
    My problem with the subplots is that they're always so neatly packaged into one season. Aside from Deb's slow, quiet development into a legit detective, what character has really developed over the span of a few seasons? (They're trying with Quinn, but it seems very scatter shot)

    Angel, as seemingly the only uncorruptible character on cast, is painfully misused. He and Laguerta's courtship in S4 was by far the most forced character(s) development I've ever seen. What did he do in Season 5? Lick her scar for 12 episodes? I can't remember.

    Thinking back on S4 now, I'm realizing how much Lithgow raised the bar and made me accept the shittiness of a lot of the other character arcs. Rita's 180 from loving and being grateful to Dexter to suburban cuntbag foil was a pretty overnight change as well. The reason Season 4 stood out over 2/3/5 is that instead of having another character getting closer to & learning about Dexter, we had Dexter pursuing his Holy Grail (Trinity's secret to the Serial Killer/Family Man balance).

    I wish they'd do something to really mix things up. Dexter has killed 2 innocents since the last few episodes of S4. Could the writers find something to make the audience question the approval for Dexter's execution of Harry's Code they've built up over 5 years?