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But it's our friend's LAST NIGHT OF FREEDOM!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrFrylock, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. DrFrylock

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    The White

    Oct 19, 2009
    Our Ask a Stripper thread had me thinking about strip clubs, which are popular destinations for that most modern of rituals, the Bachelor(ette) party. I have surprisingly few married friends, and I think I have been to exactly one bachelor party in my entire life. It was amazingly tame and boring; the groom took a half-hour out to talk to his bride-to-be on the cellphone when she called.

    However, here on TiB I have the opportunity to live vicariously through y'all.

    FOCUS: Tell your wildest/funniest bachelor(ette) party stories. Since you're anonymous, feel free to include all the details that you swore the bride/groom would NEVER find out about (feel free to change unimportant details if it makes you feel better).
  2. guernica

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    Emotionally Jaded

    Oct 21, 2009
    Sydney, Australia
    Like yourself, I've only been on one bachelor party (I'm only 22, so I have plenty of time for my friends to change this). It was for my then girlfriend's sister's eventual husband, so going into the evening I didn't expect it to get very wild, as my girlfriend's older brothers were also attending, and behaving myself seemed to be the obvious and best decision. Things didn't exactly go to plan.

    The party in question took place at Star City Casino in Sydney, and I met the group (albeit only 6-7 people "large") in the room around 3pm. They had just begun some sort of card drinking game, which we continued to play for at least the next 3 hours. One particular facet of the game, represented by the 8s in the deck of cards, involved playing quick rounds of "I Never", and at many a time was I forced to drink for doing certain things such as having sex in a car, or trying a certain sexual position, or "dotting the eyes" so to speak, all of which I had done with their sister. Fortunately I was not asked to confirm with whom I was involved with in doing such acts.

    After a while we decided to explore the casino, and upon reaching the elevator to go downstairs, we bumped into a group of young attractive females, who were part of a bachelorette party. We spent the majority of the next few hours in the company of these ladies (in their much larger hotel room), and they got extremely drunk at a lot quicker rate than our group. I realised the potential for personal disaster quite early, so I informed many of these girls that I was homosexual, in order to avoid any sort of situation with a girl in the company of my girlfriend's brothers. Unfortunately this also didn't go to plan, as a couple of the girls, in their drunken stupor, saw me as a sort of challenge. This made the next few hours extremely awkward and at many a time I was placed in compromising and dangerous positions. Fortunately I was able to just avoid disaster altogether, and in the end played a good wingman for a few of the other lads.

    The rest of the night wasn't as wild, except for the stripper we managed to sneak into our room (apparantely Casinos generally frown upon private shows in their rooms), and although my memory of this part of the evening is quite hazy, I do remember my girlfriend's older brother getting a bit too close or inappropriate to the stripper on a couple of occasions, which was also pretty awkward. She had a nice pussy, and in the end put on a pretty good show. Pretty standard for a bachelor party I guess.

    The rest of the night just involved drinking around the casino, with hardly much gambling at all to be honest. At about 4am I lost everybody, so decided the $100 BlackJack table was a good idea. I was lucky enough to win about $1000, and because I didn't have the key to get back into the room where everyone had passed out, I just walked to the train station and went home.

    Considering my original plans for the party, things got a lot wilder than I expected.
  3. Frank

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    Emotionally Jaded

    Oct 20, 2009
    I've been to a few bachelor parties, but the funniest one was a two night event with a bunch of cops. My favorite exchange was before we went out to lunch:

    Cop1: Who wants some road beers!? (we were in Massachusetts, not even passengers can drink there)
    Frank: Ha ha ha, imagine if we actually did that.
    *long pause*
    Frank: Oh my god, you guys actually plan on drinking and driving in broad daylight.
    Cop2: Who brought captain buzz kill?

    I was unaware at the time, but most of the guys there drank while driving to the bachelor party in the first place, these guys were all a little higher on the food chain than town cops so I guess they felt invincible.

    The other funny part was the party bus to the strip club was actually a school bus. Picturing the scene from an outside point of view is one of my favorite reflections:

    A bunch of cops rolling up to a strip club hammered in a school bus.

    The rest of the time was really fun, but nothing noteworthy happened besides the fact that we ended up getting kicked out, surprising I know.
  4. Nick

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    Experienced Idiot

    Oct 19, 2009
    I'm 32 and have probably been to 20 or so bachelor parties. They've ranged from wild to tame. From 5 guys to 15 guys. From 22 year olds to 40 year olds. A few of the memorable ones:

    • Vegas - I've probably done Vegas 8 or 9 times. You can't go wrong with Vegas, no matter the crowd or the budget.
    • Chicago - Chartered a yacht and sailed all day on Lake M before docking at the casino in NW Indiana. A great mix of luxury and poverty.
    • Chicago - rented out a roof deck a Wrigley and then hit the bars afterwards
    • Lake Tahoe - rented a house, played golf, hit the casinos, hiked, boated (it was tame, but probably one of my favorites)
    • South Beach - we were pretty young (23 or 24) and several dudes were puking on the beach before the sun went down. It was all we could afford to do.
    • New York - 2 nights in NY for a bachelor party can be expensive. Including plane tickets, hotel, dinners, clubs/bars, I probably dropped close to $4,000. Was fun, but probably wouldn't do it again.
    • Montreal - did my bachelor party in Montreal. Really cool city. Ate some fantastic meals. Bars were fun. Women are unbelievably beautiful. Unfortunately, most of my buddies in attendance were married or committed, so it was a pretty tame compared to the days of old.
    • Salvador, Brazil (for Carnival)- this is by far the most insane bachelor party I have ever been to. Not necessarily because of the shit we did, but because in general, when you have 2 million people partying in the streets for 5 days straight, awesome stuff happens. Tweens puking. Girls shitting their pants. 70-year-old men making out with 17-year-old women. Pickpockets getting the shit kicked out of them by 30 dudes wearing white robes/togas. Getting massages in the middle of a party. People passing out in porta-potties. The list goes on. I would highly recommend a trip down to Salvador for Carnival before getting hitched. Or not getting hitched at all.