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Brown Roast & Veggies using 3 tier lobster pot

Discussion in 'Cooking' started by bewildered, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Oct 26, 2009
    A (mostly) 1 pot meal
    My mom cooks a simple brown roast in her cast iron pot on the stovetop with a lifter and a little liquid in the bottom that ends up becoming a gravy. This attempt was based on that technique. I don't actually have a lifter and usually use something else as a lifter in my dutch oven. Well, I have a 3 tier lobster pot that I thought could function the same way to cook the roast with lots of moist heat and would be able to hold all the stuff I am cooking. My cast iron dutch oven is modest sized and won't hold a full roast and all the fixings.

    1 3 tier lobster pot
    Boneless chuck roast (~2.5lbs)
    2.5lbs red potatoes
    1 onion
    1lb carrots
    1cup dried farro
    Beef bullion, fresh garlic, red wine, kosher salt, cracked pepper, oregano, swirl of olive oil

    Let your roast rest on the counter. Season well with kosher salt and fresh pepper, let it rest some more, flip and season the other side. I like to let it go to room temp generally. This time I let it rest while I prepared the other ingredients, so peel and chop your garlic, carrots, and onion, and trim and dice the potatoes while the roast rests.

    Fill the bottom chamber with red wine and beef broth (I used 2cups malbec, 6 cups broth using better than bullion paste) and set on your stove, bring to a simmer. You want the liquid in the bottom to come right up to the bottom of the basket nestled inside but not touch it because the steam is what is cooking your food.

    Bring a separate skillet to high and sear all the sides and edges of the roast. Once your bottom chamber is simmering insert the basket and put all your veggies in there. I seasoned with oregano and black pepper, just a little salt, and a swig of olive oil to keep things from sticking together too much. This basket was super full but not overly, and I was able to cram the top basket on top of the veggies without a problem. Then I plopped my seared roast in the top basket and covered with the lid. Let it cook on low to med/low, just enough to simmer nicely, for 1hr.

    At the 1hr mark, I picked up the baskets and set them to the side on a plate. I added 1 cup of rinsed farro to the bottom chamber, increased the temp to a solid medium to get a brisk simmer/light boil, stirred, and replaced the top 2 baskets for another 40 minutes.

    At that point, all the food was cooked and seasoned perfectly. Everything was tender and moist. Drain the farro out of the broth in the bottom using a strainer but retain the liquid. I used maybe 2-3T flour with some butter and added the broth to make a gravy.
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